The Need to Speak Multiple Languages

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The need to speak multiple languages has increased dramatically in the past decades. With communication among different cultures available now more than ever, it has become a necessity for business doers to be multilingual in various languages. Therefore, it has become unnecessary for English learners to become perfect speakers of the language, as the majority of them will be interacting with and doing business with other second language speakers. The need to be perfectly proficient in English no longer exists because the ability to be able to communicate with others, who may not have the English language mastered themselves, overrides any concern with proper language skills. It is no longer about perfection, but about effective communication. English was once known as the unofficial global language of business, but that does not necessarily entail that everyone who speaks the language in order to have a business interaction or to get work done, actually knows how to speak it perfectly (Peiperl & Jonsen 2011). By far, English is being taught in multiple classrooms across the world, not because everything that is available is only available in English, but because it provides non-native speakers with an opportunity to speak and understand the basics of another language (Mydans 2007). Having these multiple cultures globally learn a language aside from their own will indeed have an affect on their ability to communicate with multiple individuals, even if their mastery of the
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