The Need to Support and Assist Employees

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Throughout our career, we have been taught to check our personal problems at the door prior to starting our work shift. In other words, personal problems are exactly what it is, “personal”, and have no place in a work environment. In today’s new economy, organizations are realizing the importance of providing assistance to employees’ dealing with major personal problems. At times, when an employee is having a personal problem at home, it can after their work performance and can potentially disrupt the work flow of the organization. “Industrial and labor relations experts talk of a changing labor force and the need for employers to develop new polices in response to the changing needs of their employees, if they wish to remain competitive in an increasingly world economy” (Kamerman & Kahn, 1987, p. 2). I personally believe that employers should provide assistance and be supportive of their employees. Unfortunately many of us in the work force are presented with personal problems that are unforeseen. Organizations need to be open-minded in regards to these isolated issues and provide support during the employee’s difficult time. “ Emotions play a critical role in the success of every organization, yet many people in key decision-making positions, leaders with outstanding technical skills, fail to understand the role emotions play in a work setting” (Reece, Brandt, & Howie, 2011, p. 190). My current employer, MetroHealth Medical Center, offers their employees and the
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