The Need to Understand the Phenomenon of Bilingualism, Research Excerpt

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Introduction There are not so many places in the world left, where the population is using only one- their native language. People are traveling, migrating and trying to adapt to the new environment. Knowing more than one language became very common thing. Many schools all over the world practicing studies of one, some times several, foreigner languages, furthermore sometimes the language of education differs from the native language of the students. The ability of using more than one language, or so called shifting language codes, gives us an opportunity to make possible communication between people with different dimensions of psychology, culture and social settings. Knowledge of more than one language facilitates the perception of another culture, makes possible communication in modern information space. The need to understand the phenomenon of bilingualism in the context of the development of cultural values is the major task of the present stage of development of civilization. Problem area “Bilinguality is the psychological state of an individual who has access to more than one linguistic code as a means of social communication; the degree of access will vary along a number of dimensions which are psychological, cognitive, psycholinguistics, social psychological, social, sociological, sociolinguistics, sociocultural and linguistic” (Hamers, Blanc 2000:6) Due to globalization and increasing level of immigration, social mobility, extend of education,

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