The Need to Work with People in Large Scale

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There are increased ways to communicate, and more ways to get your voice heard than ever before. We live in an era of rapidly changing technology, which tends to speed up communication and push us to make quicker decisions. With that being said, I would like to introduce a theory that can aid us in our quest for clear communication. Groupthink. A theory that is very important in a group setting of three people or more to make decisions quickly and clearly, and avoid conflict in the process. There are a few main points that groupthink suggests within it's definition. The first is the fact that when a group is making a decision or deliberating, the need for complete unanimity will override good sense. This can be good is some instances when the end result isn't all that important, but as I give a social dilemma later in this paper, you will understand when people need to be careful to not let groupthink determine the outcome. Secondly, the group will sometimes just subdue conflict just to get along. As a group works through decisions, again the desire for unanimity, for absolute agreement, overrides important decision making. Now to present a communication problem. Learning from past experience, I was on a jury of thirteen people for a very large murder case here in Kalamazoo. We spent two and a half weeks in a courtroom, listening to what seemed like endless…
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