The Needs And Interests For My Program

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When focusing on the needs and interests for my program I have to consider adolescents and adults. I am expecting to have sessions with the adolescents and a subsequent session involving their caregivers. These two groups are going to have more differences than similarities when it comes to what they expect out of a program and incentives to participate or even show up. I expect that all needs will not be met, but I plan on addressing most of them.
Because of their age group, the adolescents might not yet be able to drive, can drive but do not have access to a vehicle, share a vehicle with another family member, or their means of transportation may be unreliable. This would probably require picking them up in a carpool fashion (by the facilitator/program coordinator/some other reliable, trustworthy person). Providing transportation relinquishes the excuse while also helps the child with accountability.
Time constraints are felt by both parties. Adolescents may have after school jobs or, more likely, they participate in extra-curricular activities. Adults usually work jobs that may have “inflexible hours” or even require them to come in on weekends. To combat this, I would require classes to be held on the Saturdays in the evening for two hours, with the parents only expected to participate in one of those weekends. This gives the parents enough time to request off of work or to leave early. For adolescents, many events tend to be over by 3:00 p.m. This gives them enough to…
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