The Needs And Interests For My Program

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When focusing on the needs and interests for my program I have to consider adolescents and adults. I am expecting to have sessions with the adolescents and a subsequent session involving their caregivers. These two groups are going to have more differences than similarities when it comes to what they expect out of a program and incentives to participate or even show up. I expect that all needs will not be met, but I plan on addressing most of them.
Because of their age group, the adolescents might not yet be able to drive, can drive but do not have access to a vehicle, share a vehicle with another family member, or their means of transportation may be unreliable. This would probably require picking them up in a carpool fashion (by the
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Two hours in the evening allows for minimal interruption for Saturday night plans (Cooney, Small, & O 'Connor, 2007). The time is going to be around dinner for many individuals. It is proven that when hungry, people are less likely to be receptive to new information. According to Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, the first of five levels of motivation is “the desire to satisfy physiological needs” (Goodman, 1968). Being comfortable physically as well physiologically creates a good learning environment for the individual.
Having a program on the weekends will require incentives since this is a major time for leisure and relaxation for adolescents and adults alike. One incentive I would like to implement is point reduction on a license or having this in lieu of a fine. I would need to work with the local DMV, but I believe that targeting those teens who are already expressing driving malpractices will be most effective. If they have had one run in with the law, they are more than likely to repeat in a similar way. The point reduction is something that will be pushed greatly by the caregivers because they are more than likely paying the insurance bill. Adolescents already increase the price of insurance because of their age, adding points will increase that even more. Using it as a fine substitution will be beneficial for the teens. Most of them do not work while going to school,
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