The Needs Assessment Of High School Students

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Needs Assessment
Low socioeconomic status and lack of support are the major factors which effects students school performance as well as graduation rates. About 78% of minority high school students graduate from high school and about 25% of high school freshman fail to graduate from high school on time. Some of the needs that low socioeconomic high school students need in order to succeed include: Long-term Mentoring Programs, Parental Involvement and, more outdoor resources. The first solution for the proposed program is to get permission from the school board. Secondly, hire mentors who can relate with the student's situation. Third, find a high school to partnership with and lastly get materials that are needed for weekly activities.
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The facility also offers multiple sports for both genders such as basketball and bowling. The rest of the sports are divided by gender such as the wrestling team which is for male students and the volleyball team for the female students.
Program Description
The four-year mentoring program is purposely designed for low socioeconomics students at the Oswego high school in Oswego, NY. The program intends to encourage and help the students graduate high school on time. The aims to hire mentors who can prepare the students with lifelong skills that can help them with jobs or college. Before implementation of the program, approval from the school board is needed. There will be professionals from the education department such as professors and counselors, hiring mentors as well as someone to train the mentors, and a program coordinator to run the program. Students who exhibit poor grades and academic disadvantage, will be selected to participate in the program. Parental/guardian permission will be necessary for child participation in the mentoring program. Mentors and the program coordinator will create a paper document for the parents to sign allowing the students to participate in the program. In the form, there will be a section asking the parents if they would like to be a part of the student activities with their child. In order for the program to be successful, some materials will be needed to keep all the student’s information, records, and
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