The Needs Assessment Phase Of The Interview

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1. Who should control the needs assessment phase of the interview – the salesperson or the prospect? Why? How is control maintained? (Chapter 10) The needs assessment phase of the interview needs to be controlled by the salesperson. The needs assessment phase is one of the most important parts of the selling process because it is at this point of the interview that the sale is most often lost, not in the close. That is why the salesperson needs to make sure that they are in control and should also be making sure that they are spending enough time in this phase. They should be spending more time in the needs assessment, than in any of the steps in the process. Doing this is very important in maintaining the control. The control can also be maintained by asking questions that allows the prospect to find their own needs instead of the salesperson trying to impose it on them. The SPIN technique is a valuable tool in making sure the right questions are being asked. An example of this to an ADP prospect would be asking the prospect questions like “Who makes the purchasing decisions in your company?” “How much does it cost to do your current pay roll?” and “How long do you spend processing payroll for your business?” These type of questions are important in order for the prospect to actually create their own need. 2. What is the purpose of the open ended question? Formulate three open ended questions that might be used to sell the product/service in your sales plan. (Chapter 10)
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