The Needs Of Marriage : The Importance Of Communication In Marriage

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I remember one time, my wife and I gotten into a big argument, that both of us did not want to speak to each and we gave each other the silent treatment. Worthington (2005) states the importance for communication in marriage, “People communicate to meet their needs. High on the list of needs is giving and receiving love. It is precisely that need in which troubled couples are deficient.” According to Gary Chapman (2008) one of the reason why married couples do not communicate is because resentment, “Often it is unmet needs in the marital relationship that have stimulated resentment in the spirit of the silent spouse…these are the inner emotional reasons why he or she is not talking.” The five basic needs Chapman mentions that every person has are love, freedom, significance, recreation, and peace with God. If the spouse is intruding in any way for their spouse to have an unmet need in the marital relationship, the spouse ends up being uncommunicative. This is important because if the spouse that feels that the resentment can grow to something more. Dr. Norman Wise executive director and counselor for Living Water Christian Counseling has mention many times ins his seminars that the emotions you have towards someone is due to the story you have told yourself about that person. The danger of keeping an unresolved resentment can lead to bigger issues. Worthington (2205) state, “Negative thoughts feed on themselves, attracting other negative thoughts like a feeding frenzy of
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