The Needs of Aboriginal Children

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1. What strategies can be used in schools to meet the main goal of the NSW DET Aboriginal Education and Training Policy (2008)? The Goal The main goal of the New South Wales Department of Education and Training Aboriginal Education and Training Policy (2008) is that "Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students will match or better the outcomes of the broader student population ("Nsw det aboriginal," 2008, 6)." This is the first principle of aboriginal education in New South Wales. Failure to Meet the Needs of Aboriginal Children The education system which has been operating in Australia and in New South Wales since the time of white settlement has failed to meet the minimal needs of Indigenous Australians. There is a long history of inadequacies in educational programs where Aboriginal Australians are concerned. Unfortunately, it has only been extremely recently (in approximately the last decade), that the importance of adapting the teaching styles in the classrooms to meet the needs of the Aboriginal children of New South Wales and Torres Straits Islanders has begun to be realised (Perry, 2006, 1-2). Part of this has been an acknowledgement that there are fundamental differences existing between the values of the Indigenous and the non-Indigenous Australian. To wit, Australian Aboriginal communities tend to make their focus the welfare of the group, while non-Indigenous Australians tend more to concern themselves with their own individual wellbeing (Harrison, 2004,
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