The Negative Aspect Of An Individual 's Mind And Behavior

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for the patient to implement into their life. The negative aspect is that this model may not be entirely accurate due to the complex variations that make up a persons personality as a whole. Another approach is the Evolutionary perspective to personality. This approach focuses on the evolution of an individual’s mind and behavior (Friedman, 2014). One could argue that Ms. Monroe’s fabrications of her life, her sexual relationships, and erratic behavior are coping mechanisms to her environment. Treatment would consist of identifying the reoccurrences of negative behavior in Ms. Monroe’s personal and family history to identify both the problem and adaptive methods of coping. Once the issue is identified, we would then need to assess the…show more content…
Side effects of the medication, or the patient not taking the medication as prescribed are both negative aspects to this treatment. According to Freud, personality begins developing during infancy or the oral stage (Friedman, 2014). During this stage the infant is motivated to meet their needs of hunger by turning to their mother or a bottle. In Monroe’s case, she was not able to do so, due to her constant moving between foster homes and her mother. Because Monroe was denied this very basic need it hypothetically created a conflict between the id and ego. We could also say that while Monroe was going through the Genital phase, she sought out the attention of her first husband, whom she did marry in her teens. The attention she gained was sexual, which was the intent of the relationship ( Editors , 2016). These factors can lead to anxiety or repression, both of which Monroe suffered from. In this instance I would utilize free association. This method allows the patient to express their thoughts and experiences uninterrupted. By utilizing this method the therapist is able to potentially identify underlying issues that need to be addressed. The negative to Freud’s oral fixation and genital phase is that there is not substantial proof that supports that an individual’s personality is derived from infant needs that were not met. Behavioral theories suggest that personality is developed from the stimuli from one interaction and that
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