The Negative Aspects Of Political Beliefs In The Media

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Another negative thing in political news is fake news. People could write incorrect or false information about an event or someone that is in the government. The rumors and gossips are called radio trottoir. Newspapers would collect these rumors and gossip and print it out to public. These rumors could be created by the government officials could make fake news up to destroy their opposition opponent. An example of this false news are cartoonist Jo Mini who worked for the Ghanaian Chronicle. He targeted the Rawlings family as he drew the Rawlings as a boorish thug who winked at corruption at the highest level of government. This drawing also helped to reinforce the rumors about the abuse of office in the Ghanaian Chronicle. This shows a negative rumor about political family that might be false or misleading. There are many ways media is use in the media socially and negatively. A positive thing is that it helps expose human rights abuse or violations. An example of this is the LGBT community as they use websites, Facebook, twitter and etc to connect with the LGBT community and expose the abuse.One the website that use is the Behind the Mask. This website concentrates on the LGBT activism throughout the continent and sharing it content on the website. It supplied information to the African gays, lesbians of any ethnicity and the supporters of LGBT as a way of support. It was way to update everyone in the world on what was happening in the LGBT community in various African

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