The Negative Aspects Of Switching To ICD-10-Am

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Switching ICD-9 to ICD-10-CM is going to make a huge difference in the medical field! The switch to ICD-10-CM will help with cost reductions, improve quality of care for patients and update the healthcare data the way it should be. One of the major impacts of the switch would be that ICD-10-CM has 65,000 new codes that ICD-9 didn’t have. Having that many more codes means that the detail in each code will be extremely precise and there would be no question on a person diagnosis. The codes are mainly to classify a disease or someones’ major health problem. With ICD-10-CM new codes, they can become precise enough to identify diseases and produces that we were not able to in ICD-9. This is an awesome, huge step in the medical field!
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