The Negative Aspects of Easy Information Access in Students Shall Not Download, Yeah, Sure by Zernike

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In the September 20, 2003 edition of The New York Times, Kate Zernike examines certain negative aspects of easy information´s access by Internet. In the article “Students Shall Not Download, Yeah, Sure”, Zerkine focuses mainly on content plagiarism and free download of music and movies through the interpretations of series of interviews´ extracts to youth people, college students, and university authorities about the Internet phenomenon. The main point of the article is that the new generations do not distinguish between right and wrong behavior regarding Internet. They transit along free downloading of music and movies, to copying and plagiarism of content without much concern. Because they born and raised in Internet’s era, where this…show more content…
As well-said Kiss "older generations were not more ethical, just less techno-savvy." However, the task of the educational authorities and the mass media is to teach people to respect intellectual property rights. I make an emphasis on the intellectual word, because that happens downloading music, movies or books, for example, is a little bit different from my point of view. When you download for free, from hundreds of thousands of Internet websites those kind of content, are being violated the rights of reproduction and commercialization of these content. Since the profits or gains of the music, movies or books, pass through many hands before reaching to their authors, and when they do it is through small incomes, and the large quantities are being taken by multinationals companies such as record labels, publishers, and film and television distributors and producers among others. Downloading a book for free versus paying, exorbitant amount of money for its physical or digital purchase, will always be my choice, but this does not mean that I will not give due credit to its authors. Moreover, it is evident nowadays music business for example, is not on selling CDs, but rather the business at this time is basically oriented on concerts, which I attend and pay money, because I value the live performance and aesthetics experience that concerts provides. But the most important aspect for me is I

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