The Negative Challenge To Organizations

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A threat or challenge to our organization is the Colorado Springs competitive trend of non-profits being started at a rapid rate, and specifically military related ones. Sadly, some of these organizations are mismanaged and do not use the funds for what they are supposed to. This has led to distrust in some Veteran non-profits in the community and makes it hard for the average person to know which organizations are legitimate. Social trends show a growing response of people wanting to support Veterans so to combat the threat we need to educate the community on what we are about and what we do to grow their trust. Another risk is that we do not have a strong technological presence and in today tech savvy world that is a must. As mentioned…show more content…
With this goal and objective in mind we need to continue to support educational events, base traditions, and grow the current museum into a facility people will want to come see. To do this we must consider the service delivery or the demand for the services we can provide. As mentioned early, the public trend has grown to support Veterans, so we need to take that into consideration as we grow and expand by making sure we are meeting that need. A way we could support this service is to upgrade the museum and add a venue to hold events. This can ensure we honor past soldiers and ensure we support current military members. We can do this by letting Fort Carson and the community use our updated venue to hold events. We can also charge outside agencies a small fee to use our venue. It could be uses for promotions, military traditional events, and business parties, team building events, or even school field trips and events. If we update the museum and provide a desirable location that people will want to use then we stand to increase income and spread more awareness about the MPHA. Now that we have looked at the MPHA mission and service needs let’s look at the organization management and funding. MPHA’s president is a retired general in the Army and board members and staff are all Veterans or family members of Veterans. This includes Army, Air Force and Navy members both active
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