The Negative Differences Of A Centralized Government In The Texas Government

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The Texas government reflects a negative attitude towards having centralized governments. A centralized government is when the power of the government belongs to very few people and is not dispersed among a larger group. That could include things like monarchies and dictatorships where there only a single authority. Centralized governments is exactly the opposite of what Texas displays. Texas is an example of a decentralized government where the power is dispersed amongst a group of multiple people. There is no single authority in a Texas government because it includes many people with power like attorney generals, governor, senators and representatives. What really makes Texas decentralized is the citizens having the ability to choose whoever they want to have power in the Texas government. A city council is considered the body in cities that have corporate status and also have a local government. Their responsibility is to create laws which affect all of the residents that live in the certain city which they work in. Every city has a different number of city council members and the type of district that they are responsible for representing varies from city to city. In some cities the council member is elected by the whole city in a similar method to the way that a mayor is elected. Another way of electing city council members is by electing them to represent certain parts rather than the whole entire city being represented by just one member. The final way is by a

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