The Negative Effect Of Youth Health Essay

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Introduction The world as we know it in the 21st century is consumed by advertising. Everywhere we look, everywhere we go our eyes are continually be exposed to some form of advertising; televisions, media, magazines, bill boards and shops are some examples of places where we gather information from certain types of commercial advertising. Our lives are ruled by screens; it is inevitable that during our daily lives we are going to experience a sponsored ad, a TV commercial or a sexy, skinny model on the front of a mag. All these advertising elements may seem positive, may it be the pretty colours, gorgeous people, catchy phrases. These potential positive things are having a negative effect on youth health, as the unhealthy, unrealistic images portrayed are brain washing our younger society into unhealthy habits and ways of living. Goodman (1999), research found that the average young person views more than 3000 ads per day on television, on the Internet, on billboards, and in magazines, that was in 1999, as media and technology evolves so does advertising; imagine the figure it would be today. Advertising is a $250-billion-year industry within 900,000 brands to sell ("Children, Adolescents, and Advertising", 2006). Teenagers spend $155 billion a year, making them the most attractive costumers, hence why commercial advertisings are nearly always targeted at the youth age ("Branded: the buying and selling of teenagers", 2003). Aiming commercial advertising at youth, enables
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