The Negative Effect On A Girl 's Self Esteem

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Gender Roles: The Negative Effect on a Girl’s Self-Esteem Today several people may not understand that there is certainly a difference between the terms sex and gender. Sex refers to the biological identity of a person while gender is the socially and culturally learned concept that contrasts the behavior of females and males. Since gender roles are portrayed in almost every social environment without people knowing, it has been a social norm. For example, men are depicted as strong and independent while women are expected to be “lady-like” by being well-mannered and being the definition of pretty. When a woman cannot reach society’s expectations, this can gradually decrease her self-confidence. To be mentally healthy, a woman must have a good self-esteem so she can live a happy life. A good self-esteem can be accomplished when a woman is mentally and physically well. High standards that are impossible to achieve can deteriorate any self-value a woman already has. Gender roles lead to unnecessary downfalls in female self-esteem that can otherwise be prevented. Even though society suggests that gender roles are a “normal” concept, differentiating gender can ultimately have a negative and psychological impact on a girl’s self-esteem. To begin, establishing gender roles is the first step in a child’s life. As soon as a newborn take its first breath, their gender roles are already put into place. Studies show that a person will treat an infant differently if the gender of the
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