The Negative Effect of the Internet on Children

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It is researched that the internet has both negative and positive effect on children. According to the kaver S, Robert E, Patricia M, Galerie J and Colette B on internet and children, the use of computer is more of disadvantage than advantage. It is of good benefit for children to know how to use the computer for educational purposes, which may include surfing educational articles and school homework. The effect of children not having access to home computer can vary depending on the personality of the Childs parents. Some parents do not want the use of home computer or rather allowing their children to have access to a computer. This is because they believe it will do more harm than good. While others believes is of good educational benefits. The way children cope without the use of computer varies. Some of the children might feel left out in the social media society. Study shows that, children whom have access to home computer are more likely to have good educational background that is related to “advance in academic performance in reading, mathematics, grammar, computer knowledge and higher score on school test compare to those children who do not have access to the computer”. However, there are also negative websites that can get kids addicted to the internet gaming website. Study shows that the amount of time kids spend on TV, home/ school computer and gaming has raised a lot of concerns. Because of these problems, parents and caregivers involved in a Childs life must

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