The Negative Effects For Children Born Into Interracial Families

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The Negative Effects for Children Born Into Interracial Families The union between Blacks, Whites, Hispanics, Asians, or any other group can be categorized as an interracial marriage. It does not matter what ethnic groups are involved: one prominent result of interracial marriages are the children that are born into these families. Interracial dating becomes a problem because people cannot seem to ignore race. Racial identity is constant, unavoidable, and has consequences that are very real. The color of one’s skin impacts how society will accept a person and also determines the advantages and disadvantages one will receive. Children begin to get stressed when there are conflicts that involve their dual ethnic identity. Children who are born to interracial families suffer the impact of negative consequences on their psychological well-being. This paper presents some background of the history of interracial marriages and some of the issues surrounding children of interracial marriages, and some of the negative aspects as they grow older. History/Background The Supreme Court case of Loving v. Virginia speaks directly to the topic of this paper. In 1958, Richard Loving married Mildred Jeter in Washington DC. Afterward, the two returned to Virginia as a married couple. Richard was a white man, while Mildred was a black woman. Even though Richard and Mildred did not get married in Virginia, the issue was Virginia had banned the interracial marriages since 1961. Therefore,
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