The Negative Effects Of Academic Cheating

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It’s Sunday midnight, million different tests to study for, projects, presentations to complete, an interview the next day, it simply seems the world is eating you alive, the pressure is building, and there only seems to be a way out of passing that test, nailing that interview or finishing that presentation. As that level of desperation peaks, cheating seems to be the only way out. Cheating is a heavily controversial word that can be interpreted in multiple ways such as infidelity in a relationship, ignoring/breaking the rules of a game, or one of the most relevant interpretations to my current student life, academic cheating. Academic cheating is one of the biggest concerns in classrooms today; however, that is no novelty. Over the years, cheating has certainly become a more serious problem, but there are certain forever-trendy methods of cheating such as the cheat-sheet, the writing on body parts, and the talk and ask method, that date way back to even before our grandparents. The growing problem with cheating is certainly a huge concern that reflects on the education system. Due to technology and the ability for more people to receive an education, the education system has undergone extreme changes that I believe were not handled properly. Technology has allowed more information to be distributed and taught in class; however, one of the negative effects that came with the overflow of available information is the significant amount of information students and those
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