The Negative Effects Of Advertising And Its Effects On Children

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Advertising has a large impact on today’s youth. This impact is largely created through use of commercials on television. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention published an article which explains that food commercials are one of the major components of advertising and they are leading to an increase in health and weight problems in children. In addition to this, psychologists such as Sandra L. Calvert have discovered that commercials give children a distorted sense of reality and can lead to personality conflicts. Parents and scientists alike have found that advertisements also can cause self esteem issues in young people, and this is a major concern. In conclusion, the negative effects of advertising on children are alarming. Commercials advertising food are everywhere, and they are causing problems in children’s eating habits. An article published by the National Center for Biotechnology Information stated that food marketing towards children promotes mostly foods that are nutrient-poor and contain lots of calories. The food being advertised on tv is not good for children, but due to their vulnerability, they want it. Often times, they get what they want, so kids are being fed very low quality food. A young child’s body needs nutrients in order to grow and cannot handle extreme amounts of calories. However, they food they want goes against these principles and can cause health problems later on. According to a healthcare clinic, Mayo Clinic, a
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