The Negative Effects Of Advertising And Its Effects On Society

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In recent years, advertisements are the mass communication of people in the world to many purposes. Producers spread their advertisements all over the world in a public medium within a minute. Producers use advertisement to sale their products. Society are using advertis as the use of communication and get a lot of informations from them. According to the writer “ ...advertising, like any form of mass communication, can be a force for both 'good' and 'bad.' .'” There are different types of advertisement, some of these affect people's life and some of improve people’s of life. Although some believe advertisements can be a bad impact of society, advertisements is a very big guide and information source of people.
Many of
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In addition to these, advertisements help to save a life of many people. Society get weather information through television advertisement; it help them what they could to do and when and where they can to protect themselves and their family. Advertising is the very important tool of information for the Society.
On the other hand, advertisment have a lot of impact to the society. Some of them are it puse them Unexpected spend money, body insecure( lose their body confidence), and affect children attention. Producers make their advertisement very powerful to attract customer of attention using a beautiful woman or a handsome men, and some spend their money without get attention of the product only focus to the power of the attraction (beautiful woman or a handsome men) and going to dadet. Some advertisements are using a photoshop image to sale their product like diet medicines, beauty products and so on. Because of this some people considered beautiful, if they are light color, straight hair, and skinny body, and affect for some to lose their body confidence. The other impact of advertisement is advertising that affect children attention for these have limit understanding of advertisement. children are using television and internet; and there are a lot of advertisement that children they don’t know; and they want it. Advertisement should not exaggerate and should not use sex as a powerful tool of advertisement.
Overall, even though some
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