The Negative Effects Of Air Pollution In China

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In recent years, air pollution has become a growing problem in China (Zhang, Chao). According to the newly released scientific paper by Dan Levin, “Outdoor air pollution contributes to the deaths of an estimated 1.6 million people in China every year, or about 4,400 people a day” (Levin, Dan). Essentially, air is a major part of our overall health. However, people (including ourselves), especially living in developed countries, suffer from the exposure of air pollution. This potentially puts our health at risk. It causes various negative effects to our body that in worst cases leads to death. Air pollution affects our health in multiple ways; as it varies from minimal to serious problems. The air pollutants have negative effects on our cardiovascular system, causing many fatalities as well as diseases to those specifically in China. People can protect themselves from the suffrage of cardiovascular diseases by being cautious with what they are surrounded by. With the rapid industrialization and urbanization in China, air pollution has become a major issue. China is a popular country in the world known for its pollution and population. Air pollution was defined as,“contamination of air by smoke and harmful gases such as oxides of carbon, sulfur and nitrogen” (Mishra,Sundeep). As China becomes more industrialized with buildings and factories, pollution increases and causes environmental, as well as health problems. According to an article by Chao Zhang, he associates the cardiovascular mortality rate and air pollution in Hefei, China; he analyzes, “The characteristics of air pollution in different regions vary depending on the level of industrialization and other factors” (Zhang, Chao). Hefei, the capital city of Anhui province, was also a part of the urbanization and industrial expansion, which also increased serious air pollution (Zhang, Chao). The dramatic increasing of automobiles in the past few years also damaged the air quality in China, being the reasoning for multiple cardiovascular diseases and damages. The cardiovascular system is critical in our bodies. Without the cardiovascular system, our body would not be supplied with the substances needed to stay alive (Anand, Mahindra). It consists of the
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