The Negative Effects Of Attack By Social Media

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Attack By Social Media Over the past fifteen years, social media has become popular in communicating and connecting with people around the world. We have adapted to a lifestyle that revolves around social media and children are surrounded by mobile devices and social networking sites that made a lasting impact on them. A person can instantaneously connect with someone else across the globe with one click or tap. Social media can have positive aspects like having a voice and connecting with people around the world but with positive outlooks, it can also have negative effects that make a lasting impression on our society and world. Because of the invasion of privacy, addictive nature, and the impact on children’s education, I believe social media has a negative impact on our world. Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter allows you to create a bio and share photos and facts about yourself. You can share information with your friends and allow the world to see you. With this, people can know a lot of information about you and, “More than ever before, groups or individuals can be profiled, and the results used to better manipulate them. This may be as harmless as advertising for a particular product, or as damaging as political brainwashing”(Social Media Data Collection Can Lead to Violations of Privacy). This means that companies can gain access to data if they have the money and bystanders can get profiled to be manipulated. The government can use social media to
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