The Negative Effects Of Body Image And The Media

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Approximately 91% of teens are not happy with their body image and take to unhealthy dieting to reach their ideal body goal. Only about 5% of teens naturally possess the body type shown by the media in America. Many teens in America face the problem of the media’s “ideal” body image. A lot of teens, and adults even, go through extreme unhealthy lengths to achieve this image. Body Image and the Media is a major problem that is widely ignored and not taken seriously. Body Image associated with the Media has an exceedingly negative effect on teens in America by causing them to develop eating disorders, creates emotional issues, and causes them to get the wrong idea of what their body “needs” to look like. The “ideal” body image in America for adolescents are causing eating disorders in many teens and it is a problem widely ignored. An eating disorder is any kind of psychological disorders characterized by abnormal/unhealthy eating habits. By looking at the media’s “ideal” body image, adolescents are going on unhealthy diets or exercising too much to reach this body image goal. They are trying to reach an unrealistic body image which is causing great harm to their bodies. Estimates are that one of every two hundred females 10-30 years old suffer from the serious eating disorder known as anorexia nervosa (Frissell 20). Most causes of anorexia are unknown, but one reason it could occur is caused by the environment the person is in. The things they are exposed to around them and
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