The Negative Effects Of Body Stereotyping

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When people think of me they think of this chubby, gay kid. However, those unjustified opinions are based upon one factor: stereotyping. I have always been bullied, which has affected me in the long run. Body dysmorphia and self-consciousness all sprouted from when I would get picked on for being overweight or feminine. It was planted into my brain that I was different and a reject, but being different is not a bad thing. Being feminine does not equate to being gay. I like to have friends that are girls over friends that are boys. I am more in touch with my sensitive side and if that makes me different then so be it. The people at my school, whether they are students or staff, know me. I act in plays, play the flute in band, wear all black,…show more content…
We wanted to provide a fun section at sporting events that allowed for all students to come together and show school spirit. At our school we call it the NEST. I was able to bring out the quiet robotics team to hang out with the sporadic theatre kids all to watch the football game. Students all over our school started to talk to each other and hang out and by our second game we had already reduced bullying and segregation at our school. We promoted it during the morning announcements, at pep rallies, and hosted themed events. This was a dream come true; being able to pull these people together to have fun and disregard stereotypes made my high school career even better. Sure I was bullied and sure I felt insignificant at times, but that does not stop me from trying to make someone else's day brighter. I would have given anything for people to have done this for me when I was younger. I wish I had someone that told me not to worry about bullying. I would not think twice about doing this again. It is important to promote anti bullying. My life has been a rollercoaster of emotions and the only times I am at peace are when I see smiles on people's faces for that makes it all the better in the
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