The Negative Effects Of Bullying

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Bullying has become pervasive with catastrophic effects and needs to be taken seriously. It negatively impacts everyone involved and has led to an alarming rise in suicide commitments and attempts. Most people believe that there is only one way to resolve bullying which is to punish negative behaviors, but it has been proven to be ineffective. Other people believe that nothing should be done about the situation. They agree that it should be left for nature to tend, but clearly doing nothing about it has caused a lot of detrimental consequences. Bullying is becoming just like an epidemic, due to the fact that it isn’t being dealt with properly, which is why it needs to be stopped and the only way it can be stopped is by enforcing psychological help, creating prevention and intervention programs, and by establishing a safe and supportive environment.

Bullying occurs all across the globe and its impact is evidently taking a toll on the overall well-being of young people. “ Rates of mental health issues among teenagers have increased by 70 percent in the past 25 years “ states The Independent, and it is being blamed on the rise in bullying. The victim, bystander, and the bully as well, experience depression, anxiety, low self- esteem, and suffer the sense of loneliness. Along with mental health issues, there are other outcomes of bullying. According to, those involved in bullying are at high risk for drug abuse, substance use, and dropping out of school. To

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