The Negative Effects Of Censorship In Education

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Men and women in the United States of America find censorship helpful when it protects their children from harmful things but they are against censorship when it is used out of context. Parents seem to appreciate censorship more when it shelters children from learning indecent things in the world that could cause danger to themselves or the others around them (in text citation). But censorship is not always good like when it is used in school’s or in books; but censorship can be helpful when it is used on the internet, social media, or in music. For instance censorship is favorable when it stops the epidemic of racism but when censorship stops an individual from saying what that individual wants censorship is not liked by many people in the United States of America ( in text citation). Censorship is not invariably negative in education, comparatively, like when it stops an outbreak of stealing someone else’s work. A side from that a lot of American citizens will agree that schools should not allow censorship. When an individual is in school there are indisputable things that this individual must know but with censorship in education it can hold the individual back from learning the truth thus causing the individual not to be prepared for real life. Censorship can severely affect an individual’s education by keeping them from learning indisputable things in school. For instance how are children supposed to apprehend why African Americans boycotted buses or marched for their
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