The Negative Effects Of Cheating In High Schools

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1. Introduction
Cheating in schools is getting worse and worse as the days fly by and here’s why. Studies have shown that more students are cheating to get a good grade and thrive. The problem is that students shouldn’t have to use cheating as a option for success in their grades, it shouldn’t even be an option in the first place. Cheating has skyrocketed over the years as education has become more complex. Students are choosing cheating as a way to take the easy way out because they don’t understand the work that is given to them. Plus, cheating is becoming much more easy to do due to the updates on technology (smartphones). The outcome of this is that cheating is getting worse because there is so many outlets for students to use to cheat and get away with it, there needs to be more rules enforced about cheating and more awareness on it so that cheating can lower down and not be a problem in schools and or at least become less of a problem than it already is.
2. Background
For years, cheating has been a main problem in schools and has only gotten worse over the years and not better at all. Cheating has been used for many y ears and not only in the academic world. At one point in your life I’m sure you’ve cheated someway somehow. Cheating in schools usually starts around elementary school. In an academic cheating fact sheet by, they state “Cheating may begin in elementary school when children break or bend the rules to win competitive games against
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