The Negative Effects Of Childhood Education

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For a long time there has been loopholes in childhood education. There are countless stories of problems and downfalls in today's society of learning and teaching. Whether it's the schools themselves to the idea of failure, children aren't getting a fair and decent experience and education in today's world. Some of the opposing views are that kids who have dropped out throughout time are failure, the education system needs to be made up of everyone in the same grade according to their age and staying at the same level. Some people think that every job needs a degree and that states need to always do standardized testing to get results of growth. All of these ideas have some truths and positives, but there are studies and facts that go against them and show that they have a negative impact. An issue that is seen is not giving kids the “right to fail”. If someone is a dropout it doesn't entirely mean that they have failed and will never go anywhere in life. William Zinsser, feature writer and Yale a University teacher, states that “dropping out is often a way of dropping in.” Finishing ones education doesn't always mean that one will get the job they want. Zinsser also states that after failure “people come out stronger as a result.” People will learn from their mistakes and can actually improve themselves. If kids are taught from the beginning that failure is bad, they won't have a strong education. To improve the experience and outcome of kids in today's world
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