The Negative Effects Of Climate Change

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Although global warming occurs over a long period of time, the Earth is currently being affected in numerous ways. Humans must recognize these negative effects and try to help prevent climate change from destroying life as we know it. Along with alienate change comes a series of negative effects on all life on planet earth. The migration patterns of plants and animals, length of the growing seasons have shifted, and the amount of diseases that are being spread among many species has dramatically increased. Also, the level of acidity in the ocean has been raised a significant amount. All of these issues are due to climate change. Climate change is the single biggest problem our world is facing and is affect aspect of life.
Global warming is dramatically changing the lives of many plants and animals, even the oldest habitat and migration patterns are being affected. It is well known that most bird species migrate south during the winter season, but with the change in climate, especially in the United States, these annual patterns of many different bird species are being disturbed. “Birds are altering their migration patterns. American Robins are coming back from their southern wintering grounds to their northern breeding grounds earlier in the year. Some birds are even staying north for the entire winter now that the climate is more moderate” (Fridell 59). While most species have the option of migrating or moving their habitats when the environment they are living in is not
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