The Negative Effects Of Deforestation And The Environment

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In today’s world deforestation Is just one of the many serious problems that Earth faces. Deforestation is the clearance or clearing of trees, whether it’s a forest, or a single tree, where the land is afterwards converted to an non-forest use. The current rate of deforestation in the world today is one and a half acres per second, which means every minute an entire 20 football fields worth of trees are cut down around the world. Deforestation often results in many negative impacts on the environment, for instance deforestation reduces the variety of plant and animal species in their natural environment, the release of greenhouse gas emissions, which is somewhat responsible for global warming; disrupted water cycles, livelihoods and an increased soil erosion. But do we, as humans think about what effects this has on our precious universe. As our need and greed for products sourced from forests grows, the impact is felt from many various places and regions around the world. Forests cover 30% of the Earth’s land and an estimated 18 million acres of forest is lost each year. Deforestation takes place in Brazil, Africa, Canada, India, Madagascar and numerous other areas. In Madagascar the country is currently struggling to supply fresh water, food and adequate hygiene for its increasing population. The country has lost 95% of its rainforests , which has lead to soil loss, desertification and degradation of their water sources. Countries where poverty is a concern, often
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