The Negative Effects Of Disney Princesses

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The first Disney Princess, Snow White, was introduced seventy nine years ago. It has been part of my parents generation and the fairytales that the movie is based on has been a part of my grandparents generation. Fast forward today, and the Disney franchise is only growing larger worldwide and is a part of many people’s childhood. One thing that is clear is that Disney princesses are geared toward young children. With the beautiful dresses and the handsome prince, children are entranced by the stories and animation. They fall in love with the princesses and see the princesses as a mirror of themselves by dressing up and acting like then. The fact that young children are influenced by Disney Princess is a huge debate. This topic is very…show more content…
The reason why I consider the first three princess above classical princesses is because they were all during the early 1900’s and represents a different generation than our generation today. The progression that I am going to describe are in love, family, goals, struggles, and personalities. Modern princesses changed to becoming strong and independant. According to Juliana Garbedian, “The modern Disney princess is independent, brave, and heroic, and contemporary audiences need to see strong female leads who can stand alongside their male counterparts.” (Garbedian, pg 25, 2015) I agree with her statement because it truly defines the personalities of all of the modern princesses. In The classical era princesses, Cinderella, Aurora, and Snow White, they were very soft spoken, obedient and was always kind despite the problems that they were facing. The renaissance era princesses, Ariel, Belle, Jasmine, and Pocahontas, were much more rebellious, and rebelled against being kept inside. They were the first group of princess to display any kind of desire to explore and actually spoke up with what they wanted to do instead of following their parents orders. Modern princesses broke the traditional portrayal of princesses by acting independent and doing things for themselves instead of the path set out for them. They changed their destiny through their actions and did not need the help of a male counterpart

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