The Negative Effects Of Divorce

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In the United States, over 90% of people are said to marry by the age of 50 years (Scott, Rhoades, Stanley, Allen, & Markman, 2014). Healthy marriages are considered to be good for the mental and physical wellbeing of the husband and wife. As for the children, they get to grow in a happy home that provides them protection from mental, educational, social, and physical problems. However, the society may have been successful in getting rid of the stigma that is associated with ending a marriage, but it can no longer ignore the massive effects that come with it, especially to children. To the parents, the effect is separation from one another. To the children, the effects include engaging in drug abuse to get over the emotional turmoil,…show more content…
According to Scott et al., (2014), there are some reasons that lead people to divorce. The first reason is unfulfilled emotional needs. They materialize because of lack of sex for men and lack of emotional support for women from the men. As a consequence, they feel that other people may fulfill their emotional needs. The second reason is communication problems. They occur because partners do not understand how to communicate with one another. Thus, they look to other people who they can communicate with without problems. The third reason is different attitudes towards gender roles. They arise because the husband may feel that the role of his wife is only to cook and clean the house. Therefore, the wife looks for another person that values their gender. The fourth reason is different priorities concerning family time. The husband may be spending a lot of time at work than at home in order to provide for the family. As a result, they may grow apart. The fifth reason is an absence of the ability to solve conflicts. When there are conflicts, the couples are unable to resolve because they cannot come to an agreement making them feel that they cannot rely on one another in times of problems. Due to the above reasons for divorce, I decided to carry out a study to find out the key to a happy marriage. The method of research used in the study was qualitative. The method was

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