The Negative Effects Of Drug Prohibition

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Numerous researchers contend that drug prohibition policies actually create more issues than are solved. The negative effects of drug restriction policies include: negative health effects, increased drug effects, crimes at home and abroad, increased violence, misuse of assets and resources, violation of civil rights and excess on criminal and government systems. Heavy emphasis on upholding criminal restrictions on drug creation and selling was also significantly influencing the productivity of illegal drug markets and increasing the development and operations of groups that carry out crimes, corrupt powers, and undermine the rules and laws in numerous countries.
Bertram et al. states that drug related crimes is not necessarily the result of drug use but rather of the conditions under which people are constrained, by drug prohibition policies, to purchase and sell drugs. The sorts of unlawful acts and crimes related to drugs are, to a great extent, made by drug policies. Laws that make drug ownership illegal, create the largest amount of drug criminals. Different crimes, for example, violent acts and burglary, are created by underground markets (black markets) in which drugs are traded. Our government is ensuring the monopoly of the black market by restricting the utilization of non-prescribed drugs. There is a great interest for which there must be a great supply and the present laws prohibiting drug exchange and usage encourage the development of these underground markets.
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