The Negative Effects Of Education And School Shootings

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The loud firing noises alert the administrators of the school. One accurate hit will cause blood to drip out of the body, forming a puddle. This traumatic scene frightens everyone, the students and the teacher. The school goes into immediate shutdown, and people try to fight for their lives. With the Public Safety and Recreational Firearms Act enforced for ten years, banning the majority of all privately own guns, people would think that school shooting rates would decrease. However, statistics have shown that from 1999 to 2017, school shootings and fatalities have increased by twice the amount. This sudden growth in school shootings alarm many civilians, but there are many ways to stop these hurtful traumas to occur again. Building off of a money economy, people expect to grow up and find a job to support their living. Education helps improve economic opportunities because without knowledge, there would be no possibility of finding a job. Many teenagers fail to graduate high school, and “[i]f students begin to feel that education [will not] help them find economic security, perhaps this makes them more likely to lash out within the educational institution that is failing them.” states Roheeni Saxena, the author of the Ars Technica article. The anger would lead to buying a gun and shooting up the places that teach education: schools. The feelings that joblessness cause students to lose self-esteem. Disappointment and despair would increase negative actions, which would cause
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