The Negative Effects Of Facebook And Social Media

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Social media is considered an essential thing in today’s time. The way people connect to each other and keep up with long lost friends. Years ago, the popular social media outlet was Myspace. Now, Facebook has taken the award for the most popular social media outlet. While Facebook is a good resource at times, it has become more of potential danger. With the positive aspects being few, the negative outcomes are many. This is evident in young adults. In the younger generation, excessive time on Facebook can cause jealousy and other issues in an individual’s overall livelihood. The reason the attention is focused on the young adults is because that is who social media outlets appeal to most. In a study done Facebook stalking ex-partners the targeted participants were between ages 18-32 (Lyndon, Bonds-Raacke, & Cratty, 2011) . In a second study completed on Facebook intrusion and the impact on jealousy in relationships, conducted the study on individuals from ages 18-25 (Elpinston & Noller, 2011). The reason these studies are being completed on young adults are because they are the ones who tend to use Facebook more. An article focused on the concerns with Facebook defined the reasoning behind this to be the fact that students update Facebook more often and provide information causing them to be considered more vulnerable to experiencing things such as jealousy and other issues to occur (Chaulk & Jones, 2011). While adults do experience the negative side of Facebook according
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