The Negative Effects Of Fast Food Obesity And Its Effects On Children

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In recent years companies have begun to target children in advertising more and more frequently. There is a controversy surrounding the topic of whether or not children are critical consumers who can defend themselves; or whether they are too innocent and impressionable to understand the subliminal messages in advertising. Companies defend their roles in influencing children on the ground that they personally believe that children can differentiate the truth of reality compared to fantasy in advertising. That if that is not the case then it is up to parents to properly teach the understanding of advertising; that it is not the advertiser’s job. However substantial research reveals evidence that states children are negatively affected by the influence of advertising and media. They learn about the kind of food to eat through food advertisements, the image society want them to have though clothing ads, and the gender roles they will partake in from the distinguishing traits of toys. In the last decade the rate of obesity has risen drastically, many believe this is due to the increase in fast food advertisements infiltrated worldwide to children of a young age. Obesity in preschool children has risen, with approximately 20% of children today overweight. In today’s society children spend a substantial amount of time on computers, on their phones, and watching television. While there are indeed some healthy food advertisements, Rose Gregory in the article “Fantasy in Food

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