The Negative Effects Of Gender Roles In Modern Society

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Gender roles and expectations play a large part in modern society as they function to sort individuals into seemingly correct groups based off of gender alone. Societal expectations and stereotypes have led to the creation of these roles, which are both irrelevant and harmful towards everyone involved. These expectations target both men and women alike, and the effects are long lasting and affect one’s mental and physical state. In order for society to become a truly safe place for people of all genders and identities, the negative effects of these expectations must be seen and the very idea of gender roles must cease to exist. Gender expectations for women existed long before the modern day. Since the 19th century, men and women lived separate lives. Because women were physically weaker but still viewed as moral, they were expected to be in charge of the home while the men labored. It was expected that women and young girls were skilled in music and art, but knowledge was never necessary for females. Kathryn Hughes writes that it was “important for a well-educated girl to soften her erudition with a graceful and feminine manner” because a woman “who had devoted themselves too enthusiastically to intellectual pursuits” was viewed as undesirable and not feminine. Although education is open to both genders in modern days, the rest of these expectations hold true. Women are physically weaker and not expected to perform as well as men. While women have begun to move

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