The Negative Effects Of Globalization

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One negative consequence of globalization is the collapsing of the internal market in many countries.
I will try to explain it better in the following text. Many countries in the world, especially, the more advanced and rich countries, use to import every year a huge amount of goods from other countries, most of the time poorer countries with a high level of production, with a very poor work regulation and, in addition, with a very competitive low price of exportation. These products, very often, literally, invade the internal market of a country and it has some very negative effects on it, but let’s begin from the start to explain better this phenomenon.
We can suppose that there is a certain country that we are going to call “X” and another country that we can call “Y”.
X is a very rich country, with its florid industries, a happy population, a low level of unemployed and a low level of criminality. Also if for X everything appears to go well, there is an internal market that requires more goods due to the improved lifestyle of population. So, there are people with private or, even, national interests who decide to find an external font of goods to satisfy the requirement or even to have just better affairs and, consequently, to gain more money for themselves.
When X finds Y, a poor country situated in a poor area of the world, with a desperate population that accept to work for a few dollars per week, for many hours every day and with any work regulation in act.

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