The Negative Effects Of Homework

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Homework can either be used for resourceful studying tool or can be a waste time for some students and others don’t even attempt to try it, but can getting too much homework be stressful causing some to have mental breakdowns or something even worse ? Going to Palm Desert High School for the past two years, I have experienced first hand that there is so much homework given out causing so much stress and lack of sleep. Students are receiving too many extra assignments start to take a toll on the their life. As a student who plays three sports for two hours for five hours a day or on game days where I go home at eight o’clock it is difficult to shower and change then do my homework. I’m not saying that a student athlete should be pampered because they play sports, but every student should be given less altogether. As teachers excessive amounts of homework there is limited time to finish work for another class or study for another class. Whenever students actually do the unnecessary work and turn it in, it doesn't always get graded and it just causes stress on top of stress. Students are already not getting enough sleep with all six classes that they have. Yet homework is great for students it is very helpful for students for their classes, but at the same time they have so much excessive work that they have to finish it in such little time. CNN conducted a study last year that the impact of excessive homework on high schoolers included high stress levels, a lack of balance

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