The Negative Effects Of Human Civilization On The Environment

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Due to better understanding of the negative effects of human civilization on the environment, society is becoming more conscientious of its actions. We are aware that carbon monoxide emitted into the atmosphere creates a hole in the ozone layer and that discarding plastic, paper, and glass in landfills unnecessarily increases the filth covering larger and larger portions of our planet as time goes by. This is why the human race has begun preventative measures such as carpooling, switching to natural gases instead of coal and oil, and creating laws to reduce carbon emissions in factories and began recycling in order to find new ways to reuse old material. In many ways, the everyday people of the country are putting in their part to help the planet survive and thrive for the generations to come. It should not be an outrageous thought that the large, multimillion dollar corporations monopolizing a good portions of the oil sold in America should do the same. Yet, there have been multiple media coverages during the past few years of oil spills occurring off the coast. To make matters worse, one of these corporations, BP (British Petroleum) even attempted to cover up the extent of their oil spill from the media and the public causing a terrible environmental disaster to also become ethically and morally wrong from a business standpoint. Furthermore, the extent of the corporations unethical and immoral behavior can be analyzed through the use of consequentialism and
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