The Negative Effects Of Human Civilization On The Environment

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Due to better understanding of the negative effects of human civilization on the environment, society is becoming more conscientious of its actions. We are aware that carbon monoxide emitted into the atmosphere creates a hole in the ozone layer and that discarding plastic, paper, and glass in landfills unnecessarily increases the filth covering larger and larger portions of our planet as time goes by. This is why the human race has begun preventative measures such as carpooling, switching to natural gases instead of coal and oil, and creating laws to reduce carbon emissions in factories and began recycling in order to find new ways to reuse old material. In many ways, the everyday people of the country are putting in their part to help …show more content…
To make matters even worse throughout this entire process different individuals who were helping with the clean up fell ill with different physical illnesses after aiding in cleaning the oil spill site. “ Within days, the 32- year old single mother was coughing up blood and suffering headaches. She lost her voice. “ My mouth felt like I swallowed razor blades” (Hertsgaard, 2013). Thousands of individuals who worked on the clean up of this natural disaster who were assured that everything they were doing was safe were sadly mistake. Thousands of individuals started feeling sick after attempting to clean the Gulf. “Another issue with cleaning the gulf was that Jamie Griffin was not able to remember things she has done for almost all of her life. She was a professional chef and couldn 't remember the recipe for vegetable soup”. (Hertsgaard, 2013) It was then revealed how much was truly lying about the amount of oil that was leaking from the Macondo, but BP also lied about how corexit which they insisted could use to clean the oil spill is fifty two times more toxic when combined with crude oil. (Hertsgaard, 2013 't-want-you-to-know-about-the-2010-gulf-of-mexico-spill/)

The major stakeholders of this catastrophic natural disaster is the corporation, British Petroleum and the citizens of the United States who live on the Gulf of Mexico where the spill took place. They held
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