The Negative Effects Of Media Multitasking And Its Effects On Child Development

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1. The key issue which pertains to child development in this article is the negative effects which multitasking has on kids brains and their ability to store long term memories. Many children and teens have the overly inflated idea that they can attend to multiple things at once and still pay attention to homework or a teacher talking in class. Multitasking in general is not harmful but when it comes to children multitasking while they are learning, it has the potential for the biggest negative effect (Paul, 2013). In Paul’s (2013) article, there is research presented by the Kaiser Family Foundation which indicated that a third of the individuals who were surveyed stated that they used other media outlets at the same time as they were studying or doing homework. Media multitasking while learning has the most potential to have negative downsides because it is impairing the storing of the long-term memories necessary to recall said information later. In other studies, researchers have recorded the large increase of negative effects which took place when children multitask while studying. The most important thing for parents to do is remember that their children will media multitask and it’s okay. Just make sure that when it comes to homework that they put everything aside and focus on what’s in front of them (Roberts, 2013).

2. In the research presented in Berk (2018), it is seen that multitasking considerably reduces learning capabilities. Children who are multitasking
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