The Negative Effects Of Modern Technology

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Technology is the distribution of intelligence that deals with the arrangement and use of industrial means and their relationship with life, society, and the environment. Since the establishment of modern technology has been entangled with it. On average a smartphone user will check their phones 150 times a day-----. And that is just how the people cooperate with their Smartphone. Technology has a large negative effect on society. Neurologists worry that if unless we wake up to the catastrophe that the appliance-filled, stimulant enhanced 21st century is doing to the human brain. Humans could be sleepwalking towards a forthcoming in which most of the living things eventually become artificial. Electricity is the advanced technology that separates the line between living and nonliving machines, and between our bodies and the outside world. There are several reasons how today's machinery could be helping the civilization, however it is needed to be cautioned that there are more considerable cons that come along with technology as well. For instance, children are becoming too reliable on technology that they have an absence of any physical abilities thus becoming lazy and overweight. Or having teenagers not have skills in writing that are mandatory for everyone to effectively communicate with each other exclusively in a professional environment. Today’s civilization lives in a world of artificial intelligence that is blinded from all of the cons.

Modernized technology has played a very important role in affecting both types of relationships. Although modern technology helps people to connect with the past, present, and the future, it has subsidized to the eradication of relationships. Examples of modern technology that has impacted relationships include smart phones, laptops, and computers. Furthermore, the internet is the most dedicated modern technology used in the form of emails, Facebook, MySpace, and Snapchat.

Modern technology has not accomplished to entitle people to fully express their feelings. This is because without face to face communication, emotions could be misunderstood which often results in conflicts. Technology has been a cause to the loss of many intimate bonds that are created by
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