The Negative Effects Of Native American Conflicts With Native Americans

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Ever since Christopher Columbus “discovered” the Americas in 1492, conflicts with Native Americans raised due to the overtaking of their land. Prior to European settlement Indian tribes were located across North America. Horses allowed Indians to migrate with their main source of food, the buffalo, increasing their amount of land territory. As European settlers arrived on the east coast, Natives from that area began to move to the west coast often causing inter-tribe conflicts. Conflicts between natives and settling Europeans also arose because of the colonies need for more land which resulted in them following the same route the Natives took westward Warfare between the Europeans and Indians remained constant, as Natives fought to protect their land. The effects of these wars lowered the social position of the Indians, as well as significantly lowered the population of both sides fighting the wars. Conflicts with the Indians were often about land; however, sometimes they were a European display of dominance. After the many conflicts between Europeans and Natives, the population of Natives within the United States borders diminished. In order to satisfy their need and desire for an abundant amount of land, Europeans who migrated to the Americas picked wars with Natives often resulting in many negative impacts on both sides.
Before Europeans settled the North American continent, Native Americans viewed the land as sacred and had to be shared among the people; not

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