The Negative Effects Of Natural Disasters

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Distressing natural disasters, such as hurricane Irma have devastated the world and caused loss of homes, as well as greatly affecting humanity. According to French Prime Minister, Edouard Philippe of St. Martin, “95 percent of the island’s houses had been damaged and 60 percent were uninhabitable. Earlier, France's interior minister said at least eight people had died.” This devastating hurricane is one of the many examples of how extreme natural disasters negatively impact the world and how dominant Mother Nature is over humanity. Natural Disasters are an incidence throughout the world that is inevitable and impossible to control. Humans may believe Mother Nature can be controlled through technology and the newest inventions, but natural disasters dominate all of mankind. Humanity is continuously, to a great extent, devastated by terrible unavoidable disasters that shape the world. One of the many terrifying natural disasters that are common on the planet is earthquakes. An earthquake is a sudden, violent shaking of the ground, frequently causing great destruction. Often it is difficult for people to rebuild their lives after being affected by a destructive underground eruption. The cost to rebuild housing and replace material possessions is tremendous, especially when a family or country can’t afford to replace lost possessions. When a poor country is struck by a devastating disaster, such as an earthquake, their quality of life is greatly changed negatively due to low
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