The Negative Effects Of Pesticide

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Pesticide control is a good and bad thing for the human body, studies have shown that pesticide chemicals have proved to keep insects and harmful creatures out of are fruits and vegetables. Meanwhile we must wash off all the plants and fruits before we ingest them into our systems, due to the harmful chemicals from the pesticide residue. The negative affects the chemicals can do to the human body are food poisoning. Vomiting or bleeding of the stomach can cause severe damage to the body, leaving one in shock and uncomforted.
A healthy diet would recommend that people should eat organic fruits and vegetables because it will not only lower chances of getting pesticide food poisoning, but it is better for the body overall. Some of your family’s favorites may contain startling amounts of harmful pesticides. Non- organic farmers spray synthetic pesticides on crops to kill weeds and insects, the toxicity doesn’t stop there. As they grow, plants absorb pesticides and the residues linger onto your kitchen counter even after your wash the vegetables.
Along with more side effects from eating non-organic fruits and vegetables. The chemicals can leave a long-lasting damage to the body causing major severe brain damage and nervous system failure, disrupt of hormones and contribute to cancer. With children, it is relatively bad as well, because it can cause neurological problems, which impairs learning, memory and attention. Kids eat more foods than adults believe it or not, the chemicals
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