The Negative Effects Of Pesticides And Its Effects On The Environment

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In the world of agriculture, a large portion of resources are dedicated to pesticides in order to keep crops safe from common pests. However, no matter what the benefits of their use may be, the collective adverse effects outweigh the positives. First, this paper will explore the concept of pesticides and why they are harmful. Next, a way these pesticides’ effects emerge is through the environment and the health of organisms. Another way that hits closer to home is how they are affecting us, and especially our youth. Effects that pesticides lead to are the way they affect the environment in a negative way, how animal’s lifestyle changes due to the chemicals found in pesticides and how our bodies slowly deteriorate from the consumption. Knowing that using pesticides lead to harmful outcomes, we should prevent their use and find better alternatives. It would be more ethical to find environmentally friendly methods than to use the lethal chemical pesticides. The main use for pesticides is to keep pests away from the food. There are various types of pesticides, including insecticides, herbicides, rodenticides, bactericides, fungicides and larvicides. According to the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC), pesticides were first used around 4500 years ago by the Sumerians to control insects and mites. They were also used by the Chinese to control body lice about 3200 years ago. The types of pesticides that were used are called insecticides. These
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