The Negative Effects Of Reality TV On Teenagers

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Negative Effects of Reality TV on Teenagers
Teen Mom, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Geordie Shore and the list goes on and on. Who is not familiar with one of these famous TV shows? It is relatable, entertaining and easy to watch. But is everything true? Especially for teenagers who are easily influenced, is this a big issue. Millions of teenagers tune in to watch their favorite reality TV show every day (C, tiley, 2016). Which- according to research of Logan, M (2016)- results to different behavior. This paper will show the negative effects of reality TV on teenagers. The arguments are: teenagers believe that reality shows are mostly real, reality TV leads to bad behavior and teenagers see reality stars as the perfect role models.
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But what we see on television, is not all true. Kim Kardashians life may seem like a perfect and busy life, but on the reality show it is mostly scripted. Teenagers will think this is reality, teenagers will imitate the behaviour shown in the TV show and teenagers will see Kim Kardashian as a role model.
Therefore, reality TV has negative impact on teenagers.

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