The Negative Effects Of School Uniforms

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Page 1 of 11 ZOOM Running Head: SCHOOL UNIFORMSSolis 1Final PaperDylan SolisEnglish 102 SCHOOL UNIFORMSSolis 2The first record of school uniforms in education have been around England since 1222 (“Should Students,” 2016). But, the origin of school uniforms can be traced back to the sixteenth century. School uniforms back then weren’t as seen as in today’s society. Back then wearing robes compared to a tucked in polo shirt with dress pants were considered school uniforms. The difference with wearing school uniforms back then signified that the family was wealthy enough to send their child to a school that required school uniforms at the time. Many of the positive outcomes of wearing school uniforms include a decrease in…show more content…
In my opinion it is important to inform those who think the opposite of school uniforms in school. They are my first priority because they should be open to learning and knowing more about the message that school uniforms bring. It is important to convince those who go against the subject first because once you convince the doubters you can convince everyone else which is my main goal/objective for my topic. Also, I want readers to know some of the many benefits uniforms bring along not just the bad ones such as, Students experience less pressure in deciding what to wear each and every morning, uniforms are affordable, and school intruders are more easily identified in a school full of only uniformed children (McDermott, 2017). The last benefit is targeted more towards the parents rather than the students because we all know that in families their child’s safety always comes first and if we can convince those parents than we are winning. Thus, not only will I give various information on my topic but, I will win over the reader by convincing them to support my topic with actual evidence to backup my claims. Overall, my objective is to let the readers make their own decision/choice based on the information I am will be providing them with.In the article, “Do Uniforms Make Schools Better?” The writer uses an

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